Saturday, March 20, 2010

San Francisco days...

Your animation

all pics taken by me

one of the best things in the world is gorgeous sf weather

p.s. you know its a norcal beach when its >75 degrees Fahrenheit and:
A. you see people wearing jeans and sneakers
B. you see people in their bathing suits (but their sweatshirt is within reach)
C. you see a man walk down the beach in a suit
D. all of the above


theDUSKzone said...

Gorgeous! I love the b&w pics but the splash of pink & orange pic I love the best!
...I have just been posting beach pics... oh I love Summer... it's Autumn [Fall] here now but you wouldn't know it!

Hope you're well...


WONDERFUL pictures!!

The Man from Amsterdam said...

Lovely pics, I wish I could visit SF one day.

silk+honey said...

thanks for the comments guys! and man from amsterdam, you should definitely make a trip out here its such a great place : )