Thursday, March 11, 2010

Coachella [still] on my mind

pics of Kaley by me

plaid shirt . Urban Outfitters
scarf . Crossroads Co., sf
wrap dress . purchased at Reggae Rising (reggae music fest)

these pics of Kaley are totally getting me excited for Coachella :D
still scavenging my closet for the perfect Coachella-friendly attire

pics (below) from the 08 & 09 fest 


Rebecca said...

first of all she has an amazing hair cut, and you took really good pictures of her

and second i love all of those outfits, getting me pumped for this warm weather! love your blog

The Man from Amsterdam said...

Love your pictures, great shots!


I love the pictures you made,especially the clothes thith all the colores, its wonderful!

Marcos Batuecas said...

those pics are beautiful!


Marcos Batuecas said...

those pics are beautiful!


ryder said...

aggy knows how to dress

I'm Heraid said...

Ahhh I wanna go! Too bad I'm many miles away. BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS!

Kookie said...

oh my goodness! i love the beach shots! you look so beautiful!

and regarding your question on my Preview Feature post, yes the boots were from Topshop. I was lucky that the branch here in Manila stocked up on those.


silk+honey said...

thanks for the comments guys :D more to come so stay tuned

silk+honey said...

oh and kookie - thanks! but thats not me its my friend kaley ill pass on the comment tho : )